2. Ray Zahab, the Pioneering Adventurer who turns the Impossible2Possible

Mar 30, 2020

Welcome to my hour of power with Ray Zahab. A 51 year old Canadian Adventurer, Ultra Runner, Founder of a not-for-profit organisation Impossible2Possible and father of two.

In addition to being a captivating storyteller – he has run over 17,000kms across some of the world’s hottest deserts, at the HOTTEST time of the year, including the Namib, Gobi, Atacama and Sahara desert. He has also completed multiple unsupported Arctic expeditions, including a Guinness World record expedition for the fastest unsupported trek across Antarctica, all whilst raising awareness and funds for environmental education programs. He has also completed multiple other unsupported Arctic expeditions.

Ray is a former pack-a-day smoker and discovered the world of sports & endurance in his 30’s in the pursuit of happiness. He is now undoubtedly one of the greatest adventurers of our time, a true example of how humans can transform through the power of the mind, experience, preparation and persistence.

3 years after his first ultramarathon he ran 7500kms across the Sahara Desert with Charlie Engle and Kevin Lin. Running an average of 70kms a day, with NO days off, for 111 days, through 6 countries – this monumental feat of endurance was made into a feature documentary RUNNING THE SAHARA narrated and executive produced by Academy Award winner Matt Damon and directed by Academy Award winner James Moll.

He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, holds the Meritorious Service cross of Canadian and is the founder of not for profit Impossible2Possible that enables youth to experience adventures.  You can learn more about Ray on his website: www.rayzahab.com and on all social channels @rayzahab

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