Resilience and Agility:

The Twin Pillars of a Future-Ready Workforce

Samantha and her teams have embarked on expeditions that pushed them to the world’s extremities, facing environments where unpredictability reigns and plans falter. In the face of natural disasters that challenge their resolve, local disturbances that test their adaptability, the physical toll on their bodies that demands resilience, and cultural challenges that require sensitivity and understanding – she knows a thing or two about how to move forward when the path ahead is obscured

Capturing Failure as a Tool for Growth

  • Emphasising that 99% of success stems from failures, Samantha explores the transformative power of viewing setbacks as vital learning opportunities.
  • Discussing strategies for cultivating an organisational culture that encourages experimentation, accepts mistakes as part of the innovation process, and leverages these experiences for continuous improvement and growth.

The Importance of Realistic Optimism

  • Integrating optimism with a realistic assessment of current challenges and potential setbacks fosters a balanced approach to ambition and risk-taking.
  • Realistic optimism can fuel resilience, driving individuals and organisations to pursue lofty goals while being prepared to navigate the hurdles along the way.

Failing Fast and Iterating Often: The Next Best Plan

  • This approach accelerates learning and innovation by quickly moving past unviable options, allowing for the swift refinement of strategies through feedback. 
  • At its core is Samantha’s “Next Best Plan” mindset, fostering resilience and adaptability in both organisations and teams. 
  • Through a cycle of testing, learning, and refining, it optimises operations and boosts agility, preparing for inevitable changes.

Velocity: Strategic Progress Beyond Speed

  • Velocity transcends mere speed, focusing on purposeful, strategic progress for organisations and their teams. It differentiates by emphasising direction and intention, ensuring actions align with meaningful outcomes. 
  • While speed measures quickness, velocity ensures that movement propels forward towards specific goals, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. 
  • This approach guarantees not just rapid but smart advancement.

Why book Samantha?

Samantha has the unique ability to move an audience with her extraordinary journey. Authentic. Personable. Empowering. Her heartfelt story brings audiences on a journey of transformation, humanity and incredible willpower.