Samantha has the unique ability to move an audience with her extraordinary journey. Authentic. Personable. Empowering. Her heartfelt story brings audiences on a journey of transformation, humanity and incredible willpower.

From being the first woman to finish one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathon events to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, Samantha’s journey from corporate lawyer to endurance athlete and social impact entrepreneur is a must-hear.

Samantha uses authentic storytelling and dramatic documentary footage to share her journey from being the smallest kid in her class to becoming an inspiring change leader.

Her stories about running in extreme environments draw people in and provide a unique insight into the human psyche, giving nuggets of wisdom to anybody looking to make a change, no matter how big or small.

Samantha dives deep into resilience, leadership, agility and purpose, and her motivational message is transforming some of the world’s biggest organisations and pushing people past their limitations.

See why Samantha is getting rave reviews for her powerful and purposeful presentations that leave people from all backgrounds with a new outlook on life.


Samantha’s keynote presentations go beyond tales from the trails and explore the mindset strategies required to lead a life beyond the comfort zone. Her motivational yet practical messages are transforming some of the world’s largest organisations, allowing people to push past their limitations.

She dives deep into the themes of resilience, agility, leadership with purpose and risk mitigation. 

See why Samantha is getting rave reviews for her powerful and purposeful presentations that leave people from all backgrounds with a new outlook on life.

Resilience and Agility: The Twin Pillars of a Future-Ready Workforce

Creating High-Performing Teams Through Synergy and Understanding

Unlocking Transformation and Growth: Individual and Organisational Extension

Embracing Human-Centric Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

Igniting Employee Engagement: A Roadmap to Resilience, Trust, and Passion

Enduring Peak Performance: A Guide to Preventing Burnout and Enhancing Well-being


You might recognise these two faces from Australian Survivor! The ‘power couple’ now delivers workshops to help emerging leaders in any corporation. Using their unique insights and tools from the Australian Army Special Operations and from endurance expeditions, Samantha and Mark improve performance with training that gets you thinking and moving.




Personal Purpose, Transformation and Teams:

Where have you come from and where are you headed? Learn how to understand your own and your team’s purpose, and how to set the conditions for success.

Personal Productivity:

Prioritising tasks, running effective meetings and weekly cadence – best practices for getting stuff done.


Framing failure is an important part of success. Learn the fundamentals of peak performance with sleep, exercise and rest – all in an interactive setting.

Coaching and Feedback:

are fundamentals to team improvement. Roleplay examples with your peers to hone a skillset you can use to sharpen team performance.

Team Execution:

Learn the basics of planning, execution, and adapting when the plan changes – Special Operations-style.